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Unlock your cosmic blueprint – Calculate your birth chart

How the Birth chart works

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Data Entry:

You provide your birth date, time, and location, similar to how NASA collects precise celestial data

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Scientific Calculation:

Your calculator employs scientific methods, akin to NASA's approach, to compute celestial body positions accurately

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Astrological Interpretation:

Astrologers use these precise positions, integrating science and astrology, to interpret and extract insights from your Birth Chart

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Scientific Insights:

The result is a very personalized birth chart with scientific and astrological insights, shedding light on life's intricacies through the study of celestial positions

What you get

  • Personality Traits: It reveals your core personality traits, offering a better understanding of your character.

  • Life Path: The birth chart highlights your life’s potential and purpose, guiding your decisions and choices.

  • Strengths and Weaknesses: You gain insights into your strengths to leverage and areas for personal development.

  • Relationship Insights: It helps you understand your dynamics in relationships, whether in love, friendship, or family.

  • Career Guidance: The birth chart can offer career insights, suggesting paths and professions that align with your strengths.

  • Timing of Events: It allows you to anticipate and navigate significant life events using planetary transits and progressions.

  • Self-Discovery: Ultimately, a birth chart is a powerful tool for self-discovery, personal growth, and a deeper understanding of your life’s journey.


Why Is It So Important To Know Your Astrology Compatibility?

Getting your birth chart is important because it provides a personalized map of your life. It unveils your personality, strengths, and life path, offering guidance in career, relationships, and personal growth. It enhances self-awareness, aiding in conflict resolution and decision-making