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Unlock your cosmic blueprint – Calculate your Astrology Chart

How the Astrology chart works

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Data Entry:

You provide your birth date, time, and location, similar to how NASA collects precise celestial data

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Scientific Calculation:

Your calculator employs scientific methods, akin to NASA's approach, to compute celestial body positions accurately

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Astrological Interpretation:

Astrologers use these precise positions, integrating science and astrology, to interpret and extract insights from your Birth Chart

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The result is a very personalized birth chart with scientific and astrological insights, shedding light on life's intricacies through the study of celestial positions

What you get

    • Personality Analysis: It uncovers your inherent personality traits, fostering self-awareness.

    • Life Direction: The chart guides you in understanding your life’s purpose and potential, aiding decision-making.

    • Strengths and Growth Areas: It pinpoints your strengths and areas where personal development is needed.

    • Relationship Understanding: Helps you comprehend how you relate to others, whether in personal or professional relationships.

    • Career Path: Offers insights into your career trajectory, suggesting fields that align with your capabilities.

    • Timing of Life Events: It enables you to anticipate and navigate significant life milestones using planetary transits and progressions.

    • Personal Growth: Above all, it serves as a valuable tool for personal growth and deeper self-discovery, enriching your understanding of life’s journey.


Understanding your astrology compatibility is essential for cultivating healthier and more fulfilling relationships. It offers invaluable insights into the dynamics of your connections, be they romantic, friendly, or professional. This knowledge empowers you to navigate relationships with greater empathy, communication, and harmony.